The Basics Of PPC Marketing

farotech ppc marketingPPC marketing is one of the most efficient methods of generating sales leads for a website. Its biggest advantage is that it works almost instantly. Once you set up your campaign, your ads start showing the very next moment, and people start clicking on them. Of course, you need to have a good landing page, in order to convert as many leads as possible into paying customers. Besides, you nee to understand how bids work and how to set your prices the right way, in order to be profitable.

The first and foremost rule of each and every PPC marketing campaign is that it has to be profitable. This means you can’t set your bids too high, as you risk to pay more than you earn per converted visitor. If you spend $100 to make $90 worth of sales, you can consider your campaign a lost battle. If, on the contrary, for each $100 you spend on PPC you make even $1 in profit, you can keep it going, as it is earning you money. Beware, though, when you calculate your profit you need to deduct all expenses, overheads and production costs included.

Setting up a PPC marketing campaign should start with the right choice of keywords. If you bid on general, one word search terms, you may have to pay a lot for your ads to show. Besides, general keywords don’t convert very well, so your conversion rates aren’t going to be too good. Ideally, you should bid on as many long tail keywords as you can find, as they are much profitable in terms of bid values and conversions. This is why you need to have a solid PPC marketing strategy before you start creating your first campaigns. You need to do your keyword research the right way. This means you should have some tools to help you discover a wealth of keywords with good search volumes and low to moderate competition. There are some free tools you can use, but they aren’t as accurate as premium ones, so you should probably go for a paid solution.

Setting your bids to the right level is a matter of fine tuning your campaigns until you score the maximum profit possible, without compromising too much on the sales volumes. The more you lower your bids, the cheaper it’s going to be to gain new clients. However, there’s a threshold below which you won’t make enough sales to be worth the trouble.

ppc-marketing-informationThese are the basics of PPC marketing. Once you’ve understood and applied them, you should seek for ways to improve your conversion rates. You should split test your ad copy, to start with. You should also use different versions of landing pages, in order to find out which ones are your best performers. Sometimes, a slight change can bring you a huge advantage. A simple change of the color of a button can skyrocket the click-through rate.

As you can see, PPC marketing isn’t a matter of signing up for Google AdWords or Facebook Ads and start pumping money into their accounts. This is why smart business owners choose to hire specialized digital marketing agencies to help them do everything by the book. It’s cheaper to pay a specialist to help you, rather than wasting money on campaigns that don’t bring you too much profit, if any. The sooner you understand this, the better. If you choose your agency wisely, you are going to see results the very next moment. Such agencies pay for expensive keyword research tools, so they can estimate search volumes and bid values without having to set up test campaigns. Besides, the know how to split test your ad copy, your headlines and your landing pages, in order to determine the best performers very early. All these can save you a lot of money. Taking also into consideration that you won’t have to bother with learning the ropes of PPC, it’s easy to see that you should do your best to hire an expert to take care of all these things on your behalf. All global brands and big companies do it, so you have no excuse for trying to accomplish everything without help from the pros.

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